Universal Casket Company is a three generation family run business that has built a niche assembling unique caskets to meet specialized needs: oversize caskets, infant caskets, inexpensive caskets for the indigent, etc. The company created and delivered these special – order caskets within 24-48 hours. But the Jones family, who has been in business over 60 years saw the business changing, with consolidation in the funeral home industry and increased competition. Universal casket was ailing.

The company was started by Edward F. Jones. Residing in Chicago, Edward wanted to move his family out of the inner city and settled on Cassopolis MI, a small town centrally located 100 miles from Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis. He traveled there on weekends and slowly purchased land, an acre or less at a time. Eventually he accumulated five acres and moved his family there.

In 1954, the business passed to the next generation, Charles Jones; by 2004 with a joint decision between Charles Jones and son Ed Jones with declining business and increasing competition, it was time for a change and son, Ed Jones had the answer.

Today, we try to make it simple and affordable by ordering a casket on line through our website or you can find our caskets at Costco Wholesale. We manufacture according to premium standards and features which meet or exceed caskets typically sold in funeral homes including: 18 Gauge Gasketed Steel, Premium Crepe Interiors, Memorial and Record Tube, Adjustable Bed and Mattress and Stationary and Swingbar handles. We price caskets to meet the budgets of a typical family. We take pride in our delivery procedures and promptness. We invite you to browse our website and contact us with any questions.