Where are your caskets manufactured?

Universal Casket is a distributor of high quality caskets that are manufactured in many places.  Some of our models are manufactured in China, and many of our models are manufactured here in the United States.

Why are the U.S. manufactured caskets so much more expensive than the imported caskets?

Universal shares your interest to have more caskets made in the USA.  We work with many domestic suppliers in an effort to meet funeral professionals’ desires to offer them to their families.  It is true; our domestically produced caskets cost more.  As a business professional you understand that is fact of life in today’s global economy.  However, Universal Casket will continue to offer a made in the USA option to those who believe it is worth it.

Why do I have to pay at the time of purchase?

As funeral professionals, we are all in the business of providing great service to our customers.  Extending terms or credit to customers increases our financial exposure, which necessitates us increasing the prices of the items that we sell.  Universal strives to deliver to our customers the best possible price.

Why are your prices so low?

A better question would be to ask why is my current casket company’s prices so high.  Many funeral professionals suffer from the Loyalty Penalty where years of loyalty to a company is rewarded with yearly price increases.   Ask your current casket vendor if they can match our prices.  Even better, ask if you can lock those prices in for a year or two.  Universal Casket wants your business.  Can you say the same for your current supplier?

Are you planning on raising your prices?

Universal Casket does not have plans to raise its prices.  In fact, Universal has not raised the prices of its caskets since 2010.

What happens if the casket I receive is flawed?

Universal Casket has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you do not like the casket you receive, for any reason, Universal will either provide you a replacement casket within 24 hours or fully refund your credit card or bank account immediately.