When will I receive my product?

Please contact Universal Casket at 1-833-202-6485 for all shipping and delivery inquiries.

Where are your caskets manufactured?

Universal Casket is a distributor of high-quality caskets that are manufactured in many places.  Some of our models are manufactured in China, and many of our models are manufactured here in the United States.

Why are the U.S. manufactured caskets so much more expensive than the imported caskets?

Universal shares your interest to have more caskets made in the USA.  We work with many domestic suppliers in an effort to meet the desires of the family we serve.  It is true; our domestically produced caskets cost more.  As an educated consumer, you understand that is fact of life in today’s global economy.  However, Universal Casket will continue to offer a made in the USA option to those who believe it is worth it.

What happens if the casket I receive is flawed?

Please see our Return Policy for more information.